Promoting Environmental Awareness to Fight Nature Deficit Disorder

One of the most effective preventive measures to fight nature deficit disorder in children. It has even been proven in various studies and researches that children who have a developed environmental awareness have a lower risk for the development of nature deficit disorder and even ADHD or attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder. Giving children opportunities to play and spend time outdoors and even in nature will not just develop environmental awareness, but also they will be healthier and they grow to be more creative and smarter, according to recent studies and researches.

What is Nature Deficit Disorder?

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Promoting Environmental Awareness in Children

Nature deficit disorder is not recognized to be a real psychological disorder. Nature deficit disorder is a term first coined by Richard Louv, the author of the book “Last Child in the Woods”, wherein he did lots of researches that connects alienation of children to nature with developing various symptoms such as obesity, behavioral changes, and delayed development, which is also known as nature deficit disorder. Even if nature deficit disorder is not recognized as a real psychological medical condition, Richard Louv can support his findings with his recent researches.

Tips to Develop Environmental Awareness in Children

When we ask children these days whether they want to play and spend time outdoors or just stay inside the house and play with their computer or any other gadgets, children will usually choose just to stay indoors. Luckily, children are really dependent to their parents and will always listen (most of the time) to their parents. If parents will just limit the time of their children spending using gadgets so that they can spend some time outdoors and connect with nature. Here are other tips on how to develop environmental awareness to your children.

  1. Bring your child or children to take a hike or bike even just around a natural park. It will not only help in developing environmental awareness to children, it can also be a lot of fun and can improve communication and interaction with the whole family.
  2. You can bring children to your garden or even in the park for them to paint, draw, or create their own masterpiece while observing their environmental surroundings. Children can really enjoy creating artworks in the middle of nature.
  3. Schedule weekend getaways with the whole family. Camping, fishing, swimming, kayaking, etc., can be done and let children gain benefits from your family adventure during weekends and prevent nature deficit disorder.