Nature Therapy An Essential To Overcome Nature Deficit Disorder

Nature Deficit Disorder Hampers Child’s Growth & Development

Richard Louv, the author of the book “Last Child In The Woods” coined the term nature deficit disorder. He has tried to explain the importance of nature in child’s growth and development. If you ask your grandparents about their childhood day, you might be puzzled to know the fact how freely and nature oriented childhood days they have lived. There used to be no cars or buses to drive you school and bicycle was the mode of transport. While travelling on a bicycle, you can notice the different colors of nature. This transformation of technology and parents fear for their child has changed the scenario. Today, children spent time indoors and hardly observe the nature outside.

Symptoms Of Nature Deficit Disorder

  • Nature Therapy An Essential To Overcome Nature Deficit Disorder

    A Necessity To Heal The Connection Between Nature And Children

    Raising children indoors is potentially dangerous for their health and their creativity power. Earlier, children used to spend a lot of time in the spring riding their bicycle. They would explore different streams flowing through the forest and went hiking. Also, the parents were not so fearful of the strangers and traffic. Spending time in nature does not mean going on wilderness camp but it means to explore the trees, the environment, the small animals, plants and herbs that surrounds you. Even your backyard is full of different nature elements if you notice.

  • There are many diseases which are attached with staying indoors. Hours spent on playing video games will have no positive effect on your children rather in future they can have problems with their vision. Also, remaining indoor will give rise to bad habits of eating and less physical exercise. Today’s children have more of a scheduled or structured play rather than being free to explore something themselves. So, the creativity and imaginative power of children is getting degraded day by day. To heal the connection between nature and children, you need to show self-interest. Anyone can motivate you but it’s your will that can help overcome the nature deficit disorder.
  • Remaining indoors is also an invite to untimely food habits. Also, children do not engage in self exercises which hamper their physical growth which is one of the most common causes for leading obesity rates amongst children. The physical and mental well-being is much more enhanced if you connect your mind and body with nature. Exercising and walking in the nature has proven to be more effective and efficient than performing it indoors in a jogger.

How Sameness Of Being Indoors Causes Nature Deficit Disorder?

Depression and attention disorder is also largely noticed in children which is one of the major symptoms of the nature deficit disorder. Nature helps in the revitalization of the mind and body and remaining indoors often becomes very tedious and the sameness of everyday life hampers the children. So to overcome the nature deficit disorder, you need to have a firm grip on your children to motivate them towards nature. This will be an investment that you can make for your children. Getting children outdoors is crucial to overcome nature deficit disorder as well as making children care about the environment.